Venus Fly Splat

Old school arcade gaming like it used to be.

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Three distinct game modes. Eleven unlockable characters. Addictive, arcade style gameplay. Venus Fly Splat is an homage to 1980s arcade games - simple to learn, but very tricky to master. Free to download and play - no pay-to-win, just play-to-win!
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As a normally peace-loving fly, your life was turned upside down when an army of mutant Venus fly-traps ate your entire family. Now it's war.
Unlock different bugs, each with different abilities to make your mission that little bit easier.
Can you beat level 10?
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Choose your character! Each character has a different ability, from being able to drop heavier rocks to getting more frequent power-ups, every bug will make your life just that little bit easier.
In Classic Mode, your mission is to drop rocks onto the plants to destroy them. Your bug will get lower and lower, and you are only allowed to drop one rock at a time. Can you beat level 10?
In Revenge Mode, you are the plant and you get to shoot down those pesky bugs. With a time limit for each level, and only being able to fire one shot at a time, it is trickier than it looks!
Tap-Splat mode is frantic screen tapping chaos! Tap to splat the plants as they pop up. If you miss three, it's game over!